Wednesday 18 Sep 2019



A new year has arrived in the providence of our God. As usual, a new start in life brings us expectations and excitements. What do you expect and what are you excited for this new year? I’m excited for what our Lord would reveal in your individual lives, and how He would work through our community of faith. God, as a living, divine being, wants to step in our lives as a good advisor, counselor, and friend. Sometimes a good friend is better than any relatives in the family to talk to. Our Lord is such a good friend to have conversations about our important matters, even the little things.

He is the best and the perfect companion for us to share our matters and stories, whether they are significant or not. He has numerous resources and connections with His allegiants to help us. What and how we can receive help from Him depends on our perseverance in faith. Believe that God will be still in our midst as our best friend with careful ears and warm heart. Also, expect to witness God’s appearance in your life in this new year. Hope you may receive an abundant and prosperous life in faith physically and spiritually through His blessings pouring out to those who expect Him.


Jun Ea Kyoung

Pastor Amy Jun